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Common Name: Red-hot Poker.dense racemes, individual flowers are tube-shaped and drooping, 1-2 inches long, orange-yellow and scarlet. Propagation Method.

Kniphofia 'Flamenco' (Red Hot Poker) - Kniphofia 'Flamenco' (Red Hot Poker) Poker Plant 'Flamenco', Red Hot Poker 'Flamenco', Torch Lily 'Flamenco', Tritoma 'Flamenco' Award-winning Kniphofia 'Flamenco Mix' brings a bright glow to the border with its densely packed spikes of red, orange, yellow and creamy tubular flowers from early to late summer ! Torch Lily Mix - Red Hot Poker - Kniphofia | Michigan Bulb A brilliant, blazing mix of Torch Lilies-also called Red Hot Pokers-that instantly draws attention wherever you plant it. This mix, created from the Poco Series of torch lilies, includes coral-red, orange and yellow blooms. It forms crowns quickly, and the blooms keep your garden stunning all the way from early summer to late fall! Red Hot Poker Seeds, Uvaria, Perennial Wildflowers, very Eye ...

CHARACTERISTICSDeer and Rabbit Resistant – Cut Flower – Attracts Butterflies – Background Like glowing red-hot fire pokers, the flower scapes of Kniphofia Early Hybrids are red at the tips, orange in the middle and pale yellow at the bottom. They are absolutely striking in the garden and make an outstanding focal point

Flowers are formed in dense, erect racemes at the tops of about 80 cm long, sturdy stalks. They are fiery orange red at the top and bright yellow at the Kniphofia - red hot poker, torch lily Perennial reference for Kniphofia plants (red hot poker, torch lily) including descriptions and cultural information. Kniphofia, red hot poker - Anglia Bulb Company - Flower Bulbs

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Van Zyverden 5.0 Red Hot Poker Bulbs (N/A) at Red hot poker produces striking bold colored flowers atop tall stems. Perennial gardeners often use them as big focal points in the garden. Easy to grow and a ... Van Zyverden Kniphofia Red Hot Poker Roots (5-Set)-83521 - The ...

Proven Winners - Pyromania™ 'Backdraft' - Red Hot Poker - Kniphofia hybrid orange red reddish-orange and peachy-yellow plant details, information and resou...

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